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6 Benefits Of Google Ads For Local Businesses

So, we already discussed how Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) works. And, it can work insanely well in the right hands. However, there is another factor that makes Google ads even more special.

Google has this wondrous ability to know where you are and match you up with local companies based on your needs, this is “local advertising”.

Say you want to generate more business for your roofing company, sure you could go to the local radio or tv station, or even pass out fliers, but it’s very difficult to target specific audiences with old school marketing, if at all.

Why not catch them when they’re most ready to buy, say when a tree falls on their house, and they Google “tree removal near me” or “tree fell on my house what to do”. Believe it not people actually search for things like that!

It’s simple, target people in your area at the right time

Google Ads provides you with an array of targeting features that other platforms such as radio, traditional TV, and other ad mediums just can’t provide.

These targeting options make it easy to target the best and most affordable audience for your local business and again it’s very effective when advertising locally.

If you’re focusing on a certain local audience like a region or a city, you can benefit significantly by displaying your ads only to individuals in that area. And that is what we affectionately call geo-targeting!

The power of geo-targeting

Geo-targeting assists you in reaching your preferred customers without wasting your ads on people who are not in your preferred area. Google Ads will not only allow you to choose your targeted area, but it’ll also help you exclude the places where you don’t want your ads to run.

As a result, you can advertise locally or target more effectively. For example, if you see a zipcode or city is 3x as expensive as the rest, you can exclude it, therefore, reducing costs and improving your return on investment.

It’s big brand time

Google Ads benefits establishments of all sizes, from Hulu to your local paint store. However, it’s especially helpful for medium and small businesses, due to Google Ads brand-engagement campaigns.

These help startups increase customer interactions and build more positive brand relationships.

By showing your business ads across Google’s Display Network, the platform provides you with credibility and a great deal of exposure. People are more likely to purchase from you if they’ve already come across one of your ads somewhere or previously heard about your business.

Measurable, scalable, transparent

One of the most significant benefits of running Google Ads campaigns is that it’s entirely measurable. That’s especially true when you combine it with tools such as Google Analytics or any other measurement tool.

This form of advertising works for everything from e-commerce stores to campaign microsites.

While driving more traffic to your website is a great thing to do, that does not accomplish anything unless your site visitors take action. It is possible to get a low bounce rate and a high click-through rate, but your marketing campaigns will run at a loss unless you get your conversion rate up!

Evaluating your conversion rate and click-through rate means that you can proceed and scale up your ads to drive more traffic to your site and boost conversions further once you are satisfied with your pay-per-click marketing performance.

If at first you don’t succeed, try again!

One of the most powerful features of Google Ads is retargeting. Once somebody has been on your website, you can retarget your ads to only those individuals.

The main reason you should consider doing that is because these people have been on your website and are somehow interested in what you are offering. But maybe they did not make a purchase or convert.

You still have a shot with retargeting! 

The best shot you have at winning their business after they have left your site is to follow them around the internet with your ads.

It’s not intrusive and can easily assist in cementing your brand and reminding them to visit your site and finish with whatever they came to your site originally to do.

Retargeting is incredibly powerful because these people were interested once, and if you can get your ad seen by them afterwards, then there’s a higher probability they’ll come back.

The best thing is to act when their needs and desires are still fresh, and your service or product is still something they are considering or thinking about.

No slow SEO

Having a search engine optimization strategy is always a great idea, regardless of your business size. However, SEO takes a lot of time, and not all establishments have that luxury.

Launching PPC ads, on the other hand, is like turning on a ready fire-hose in that you will begin realizing results immediately. Search ads assist in effectively bridging the gap between social media campaigns and organic SEO.

PPC brings in instant traffic to your site and helps you reach your target market immediately rather than wait for months or even years for your keyword to rank in the result pages of search engines.

Most businesses can ultimately benefit from combining an SEO strategy and search ads. This combination brings the best of both worlds together and is popularly known as search engine marketing.

Google Ads is relatively easy to learn and has objective and clear instructions where you can easily get a top position if you are willing to pay for it. In general, creating ads using Google Ads that yield high-quality scores usually takes much less time when compared to implementing SEO.


Google Ads is typically seen as one of the best methods to reach your potential customers, drive more traffic to your website, and ultimately boost your sales and/or leads.

Therefore, you need to see it as a significant piece of your digital marketing strategy because it comes with many benefits as opposed to other types of digital marketing. 

PPC is essential to a business’s growth in today’s market, and the advertising campaigns require regular monitoring. If they are not handled by a professional this can result in a costly learning experience that you might not be able to recover from either literally or most likely emotionally.

Make sure to at minimum consult with a professional that can help guide you through the process, if you aren’t interested in handing the work off to an agency like ours.

We wish you all the success in the world! Happy Hunting 🙂

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