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Information Vs Knowledge

Information vs knowledge: two completely different things.

As marketing nerds, you might catch us calling information, data. Have you ever heard the quote “data tells a story”? Well, that’s what we like to do… spread knowledge through the story of data.

And we aren’t just trying to tell any story. We do our best to tell the true story, as accurately and as transparently as possible.

See, people can hide behind this false narrative called ‘clicks’ which is when an agency defends or even promotes their results solely on how many clicks they achieved for their client. This, my friends, is only one piece of the journey and the story doesn’t end there.

The real value is in the ‘conversions’ (actions that result in potential value for the client, such as phone calls, form fills, even add to cart)… cost per acquisition (how many leads) is much more honest of a story than the cost per click (how many visitors) don’t you think?

What are your thoughts? Do YOU see the difference between information and knowledge when it comes to digital marketing?

Let us know down below 🙂

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